Welcome to Christopher's Music!

This is my musical home on the world wide web. Please look around and stick around to have a little listen.

This is a brand new effort on my part. It will take a short while to have it up and running. My goal is to make this into a virtual home for my musical compositions so that I can share them easily with my family & friends. This page will have links for viewing some of my scores and links for listening to recordings of my pieces. The recordings will be available in both .mp3 format for those people who are stuck with ancient technology and as .mp4 content for those who prefer the best quality of sound.

{under construction}

Here are some quick links to my music (.mp3 or .mp4 format)

This connects to music in a variety of styles and genres (Contemporary Classical)

Some marching music which I have composed

A few drum cadences which I have written for training Army Cadets how to march

Send comments to me at music1.cjr@gmail.com